Поезија на Алексеј Рашко


Days went by, i didn’t understand,

years went on, my love was gone.

You were my idol, my teacher

my protector and friend.

Lifetime of waiting approval

seems so wasted in disarray.

Why do you hate me ?

Is it because i’m different ?

or did i try to love you forcefully ?

I was just a boy who wanted to learn,

you were angry because i didn’t know.

My sleep has never been peaceful,

rarely was i cheerful.

I’m sorry for being me

i changed to some degree.

I felt the hatred grow

you wouldn’t let me in

like a stranger

just pushed me away

till we were gray.




The Poet’s Heart

It never heals,

the poet’s heart torn to pieces

waiting for life’s kisses.

Hungry and waiting,

always waiting vigorously,

for something to start a fire in his mind.

In the end the world was kind

and the stars were aligned.

Patiently recognized after the struggle

he read his first work out loud,

the last tear went out his eye

because he gave it his last try.

He saw his imagination prosper

tranquility rushing like adrenaline,

and his scorching friend never burned him again.

On a shy terrace hidden

truly alone, almost blank,

slowly closing his eyes

embracing the last rays,

all his power to his ears

a single twitch in his face

the slow dangerous smile,

just because his words

were shouted aloud by mankind.



The Last One

Do not hide little one,

I cannot give you the moon

or the sun,

I cannot promise you wealth

or true inner peace.

I can only make your heart melt

and find you between the

hollow trees,

where we shall meet

and in our minds dive in deep.

Do not hide little one

oh how I wish to get lost in your thoughts,

oh how I wish to make you invisible,

not because I want to hide you,

because they don’t deserve your


And in the end

I shall be remembered and

you shall be envisioned,

for this last December

we will in our prison be

together and alone

forever on the throne.


Алексеј Рашко