ADORING DENICIA-Petre M. Andreevski

Adoring Denicia,
was like grafting light onto darkness,
was like melting snows caught in motion,
was like being the only witness
to the kiss between metal and lightning.

Adoring Denicia,
was like uncovering the speed of stone,
was like parting the soul from the body,
was like lighting gunpowder
on the tip of the tansy and the rose.

Adoring Denicia
was like enlivening the winter air with summer air,
was like discovering all gold mines,
was like getting phone calls
from sleepy workers’ dreams.

For I adored Denicia,
the way I was opening spring drugstores,
set in the voice of a nightingale,
the way the nightingale befriended
the earth and sky.

She was taking my weight away,
as I was running towards her,
and I could not see anything but her,
as she lived while I died,
for I did not know
how I would have died,
if she had not been born.

Adoring Denicia
was like taking part in the creation
of the first Macedonian state.

Препев на Теа Дуза.
Слика на Dante Gabriel Rosetti.