THIS SIDE AND BEYOND – Petre M.Andreevski

I came to you because I dreamed two separate
(now I dream all you have dreamed
and in my dreams you are dreaming of me),
one dream for me, the other one for you,
but it would not seem so: in both I saw you
with your head in your hands, with a fixed look,
with flocks of lambs and young goats behind
baaing and maaing, bleating and ringing.
I came to ask you if you needed something,
for I hate remorse,
and so you could forgive all my wrongs and
in this life and in death beyond,
for sinful is the one who gives no forgiveness
not the one who for forgiveness asks.
I am not sure what I am doing, finishing up

which is but a memory of that something
my cry is a recollection of a past cry
my words are but an echo of
some other words.

I looked for you in every place I thought you’d
from whence the sun rises to where it sets
but no light brought me to you.
If only I could find your shadow sleeping,
in front of a city fountain, in a garden,
so that I could tell it,
retell it and utter it.
You could not wait for me to grow old together,
you did not reconcile with life,
and quickly spent its speed
and let grass cover your head
making you its fence and black basis.
Were your people few, the land too small,
were the words few, the song too tight
for you to get in, and be understood?
Now I am bemoaning you and crying again
forgive me, for my cry slowly
turns to be my joy, my only festivity.

Препев на Теа Дуза.
Слики на Dante Gabriel Rosetti.